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Why Men Need To Hear From God

How long have you waited to hear your prayers answered?

     If you are like many men, then you feel a great connection between your prayer life and your actions.

    You know that sharing your deepest desires with God is important to you and your family. It isn’t enough to pray to an answerless God. You need to hear His voice. This is the reason I am writing this blog post. It is my gift to you.

     The power of prayer is real but you must recognize the answer when it arrives. And His answer will arrive, all prayers are answered. God speaks at the moment that you are in perfect communication with Him and all of the other noise is silenced around you. He speaks when you are happy, sad, and even when anger overtakes your thoughts. Anger does not suspend or distance His voice any more than joy does. He is ever-present and will not leave you alone. Your shouts, cries for help, disparity, and loneliness, prove to bring His voice closer to you.

     The most important attribute of your loving God is His Spirit., which is indwelling. You are His Spirit’s home, the body of God’s inner connected soul. It is the purpose of His Son to be in you life forever. It was the purpose of His death to fill you so that you are always with the Father. He said, “Remember Me” and you can never forget Him. You were born still holding His hand and He will never let you go.

     How do you enter into perfect communication with God? You need an answer to life’s mysteries and try to understand. You question the meaning of things out of your control. You reason, analyze, blame, deny, and still you are unable to grasp the scope of God’s ways. You must let God and let God speak to your heart. You do not need to understand God’s plan. Let God be in control. It is His plan, after all.

     There are simple steps to prayer that I will share with you. I learned to listen actively to God’s word in order to know they are His words and not my own inner thoughts. I offer the way to your cross, the cross that lives and breathes in you, the fabric of your spirit that is continuously connecting with God’s Holy Spirit. It is the golden thread that redeemed you and the remnant of Christ’s prayer cloth from the beginning of His life on earth. He came for you, for your redemption before you were born, and it ties you to every prayer that was ever prayed in the world.

It starts with an understanding of the types of prayer.

Prayer begins with a vision in your mind of a cross with a vertical bar and a horizontal bar. The vertical bar represents your relationship with God.

PRAISE: At the top of the cross is Praise, where you show God joy for all that He gives you daily.

PETITION: At the foot of the cross is Petition, where you ask God for the care you need.

The horizontal bar represents His relationship with those that you love.

FORGIVENESS: At the left hand of the cross is Forgiveness, where you ask God for mercy you require.

THANKSGIVING: At the right hand of the cross is Thanksgiving, where you appreciate the grace.

At the center of your cross, the bars meet and intwine in  love with God.

INTERCESSION: This is Intercession, where your love is so strong that you ask Him to guide and protect those you love dearly. It is the moment that touches your heart and you placed in the center of God’s Grace.

Cross bowed

The Most Beautiful Impressions Of The Cross

Gib Singleton was one of the most renowned sculptors of our time. As a boy, he saw a vision of a bowed cross on the branch of a tree. It was then that he began his life’s calling. Over the span of decades, he created a cozier for a pope, that was revered by millions of people.

To stand at the foot of one of his life-size sculptures in a garden or courtyard, is to witness God’s presence and His sacrifice for humankind. Every angle offers a fresher persepective and renewed sense of hope.

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