Your Time With God Is The Most Important Part Of Your Day

The way you spend your time each day is noticed by God. He urges and nudges you along and you must respond to Him. He wants you to recognize His voice and know that He is with you in every decision you make.

Do you listen to God’s voice or the voice of others who do not know the plan He has for your life? Do you go about your day ignoring God? He will guide you and show you how He wants you to respond in all of your actions. Don’t leave your life to chance circumstances or let the storms wash you away with their currents. Let God help you through each situation and He will provide you with the answers when you need to hear from Him.

Imagine yourself in the center of a storm trying to stand. Your loved ones and friends look to you for protection. They surround you and cling to you for dear life. Do you rely on your own understanding or do you rely on God when everyone needs your help? God speaks to you in these moments. Only He can settle the storms you face.

Now, imagine the storm is gone and you are standing tall. Your strength is God’s strength, You are watching your loved ones and friends dancing around you. They see a beautiful, peaceful sky. You are thankful that all is well. You join them and joy fills your heart. This is God’s way. This is His plan.

You begin to spend time with God when you know His Will

Time with God begins with realizing that His time is the distance between two eternities. God is boundless and our time on earth is set within the beginning and ending.

BEGINNING: At the beginning of our time, we experience holding God’s hand. Each child is born still holding God’s hand. He never lets go of you at any time and You are forever His child. You start in eternity and you return to eternity.

DISTANCE BETWEEN: In your daily walk with God, you experience the distance between. This is the place where you spend an intimate and constant relationship in perfect communication with God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit. You are His home on earth. He lives and breathes in you at all times. It is up to you to respond to God, to listen to God, and rest assured that He is with you every step of the way. You were designed to walk and talk with God.

ENDING: At the ending of your time, you are reunited with God is a special way. Your soul joins God and is in His eternal kingdom.

God’s first people on earth were children. He walked and talked with them, and showed them the wonders of the world that He created. How could humans have misunderstood this truth. They turned God’s story into a drama that unfolded. Only children come to God without adult judgement. God knew that children came first. This was how the first generation began.

You must remember your beginning as a child with God to know His will for your life. It is simple if you try. All of His wonder is still in you. You have not forgotten your days of playing with God and learning directly from Him. 

Do you remember what it was like to see everything fresh and new for the first time? Do you remember how it felt to touch and smell the morning air? Do you remember the first time you made a friend? These were God’s gifts.

You can regain these memories and be a child of wonder. You will experience God today as you walk and talk with Him. Wherever you are right now, you can enjoy God as He holds your hand.

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