Faith Is Trusting God By Believing In The Testimony Of Others

Faith brings people together with God to believe in the testimony of others. You trust God and He offers you a special connection with other believers.

Why is faith important in your life? This is where fellowship begins. Once you understand the true meaning of your faith, you will become a gift of testimony. You will be able to share your belief in God and change another person’s life. You will experience God in every relationship and know His presence. What is testimony? Testimony is the way God spoke to those who wrote the Testaments. Each disciple accepted and received God’s Word. They were transformed into apostles in order to witness God’s grace.

Healing takes place through faith. It is a continuum of giving, accepting, and receiving God’s love through faith. Healing is not a single event. You must believe that you were healed yesterday. You are healed today because you are still here. You must rest assured that God will heal you tomorrow. This is how you know healing is real.

You are in fellowship with God when you welcome each other through the door in faith. Sharing His love happens by holding His hand as you offer yourself in the moment you greet a loved one, a friend, and a stranger. Each person is a special gift. How you welcome them is your choice.

When someone arrives at your door with their gift, how do you respond? It the gift what you wanted? Do you set it on the table never to be opened? Is it wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbon or is the paper torn and soiled? Do you throw it away or unwrap their gift immediately? They made it especially for you. Faith is more than belief in God.

Faith is God's Testimony to you

Faith begins with you. You are a testimony to God’s love, healing, and grace. The face of grace is unmistakable and passes all understanding. It rises above the crowd of noise and everyone in feels God’s presence.

LOVE: Love is how you feel God in your life and know He is part of your heart.

HEALING: Healing happens as you accept God’s love by believing and trusting His love.

GRACE: Grace comes over you like a glow where anyone near you feels God is the light and truth. 

Bring your faith to everyone. Don’t hold back. You will be surprised by who welcomes you into their life. It only takes a brief second to change another person and what they believe. When you do, you will be in God’s grace and the light that comes from within you will bless those you cho0se to spend time with. Everyone is waiting for you to hold their hand and share your deep understanding of faith with them. Be a blessing.

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