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Why You Need God On Your Journey

The way you begin your journey is determined by God. You might think that you journey without God, but that is far from the truth. He is with you every step of the way.

It all starts with God holding your hand. Do you feel His presence in your life? God wants you to know that He is with you and you are never alone. The path may be a short distance or it might be long and hard, with many challenges. There may be moments when you want to turn back. There may be days when you do not think you cannot go any further. God won’t let you down. You must trust Him. He is with you and won’t let you to go anywhere without Him.

He holds you so that you can have the strength to make the journey. His strength is your strength. He knows that you need Him and He guides your footsteps.

Imagine yourself climbing a steep mountain and you are tired. You are leading your loved ones and friends to a new place they want to experience with you. It is a new land where they will discover a better life than the one they leave behind. They must reach the top. This is an important journey. You worry that it might be too hard as you watch them struggle to keep their foothold. The wind pushes hard against them and someone falls. You rush to help but in all your strength, you are unable to hold on to their hands. You cry out as the wind increases. God will give you strength if you rely on Him.

Now, imagine the wind settles. You feel peace come over you. Everyone is looking at you in amazement as you have the strength of ten men. You lift the child to safety. God’s strength filled you when you needed Him the most. This is God’s strength. You all reach the top and descend to the valley where you begin a new life. God was always with you on your journey.

God is your strength

The way to understand God’s power is to believe you can overcome every obstacle holding His hand. You must trust Him with your life. God is in your cells, bones, and every sinew inside you. He is the source of life.

LIFE SOURCE: God made every part of you, from your head to your toes. He breathes life in you. He is your Life Source. You know you exist because of Him.

POWER: God gives you strength, His Power to sustain you, and it is life’s abundant resource. Nothing moves unless God provides strength. His Power is limitless.

Look who is waiting of for you on the other side when you arrive. It was all worth it, the journey, the hard work, and your walk with God.

He knew how happy you would be once you made it home. Never underestimate the power of God and His strength to bring you to the place at the end of your journey. At the heart of His family is your family. He understands how far you have come and how important you are to your family. When you embrace your child, your sister, your brother, your father, your mother, and all of the other people in your family, remember God. He loves you and your family. He loves your friends and those who will become friends.

He waits to experience your joy with you. He holds you close because love is His precious gift. It is in these moments that you connect with God’s heart. This is why you need God with you on your journey.

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