Make A Difference In Someone's Life Today

Do you know how if feels to really help another person rebuild their life? They look to you for support. You want to be there for them every step of the way.

You begin by making a commitment to show them they can always count on you. You lead by example and your decision to help improve their life will show others who to follow. It takes trusting in your own ability to share the load and give of yourself. Your strength comes from caring for the wellbeing of another person and the responsibility to be by their side.

Imagine stepping into a place where there is work to be done. You walk around overwhelmed by the enormous task that must be accomplished. You think about how your hands will hurt and your back will be in pain but it doesn’t have to be this way. God will provide you with more people. You just need to look around. People are always near who will help. Accept their kindness. They stand outside the door and knock. They expect nothing in return, except to see you happy.

Now, imagine a room filled with people doing their part. You wipe the sweat from your brow and they work for the mere pleasure of being new friends along your journey. This is real fellowship. Thank them for their generosity in spirit. It is a good work that they have been called to do. They are building a home and everyone deserves a nice place to rest their head at night. So many people are homeless today, and it all begins with you. Give them a place where they belong.

It all begins with you

The time you spend with other people is determined by your willingness to show friends that you really care about their needs through faith. You give freely of yourself and they know you are with them for a reason. These are the moments you share in another person’s journey.

FRIENDS: There are friends waiting for you to offer your hand if you ask the simple questions, “How can I help?” and “How can I lighten your burden?” You say, “I am here for you”.

NEEDS: Needs are often to much for one person and by giving your time, you receive all of the necessary tools from God to fulfill their needs. Trust Him.

SUPPORT: You are the strength they require to carry on. Lift up your friend and they will be grateful for your kindness. They will appreciate you.

Helping someone is a special way to show your love and offer hope. It only requires your time, talent, and faith. It all starts with supportive hands and a gently smile. You bring the keys to their new home and their future. Be an inspiration and God will light the way.

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