When Men Feel Pain and Need Forgiveness

Men experience pain in a unique way. It overwhelms and envelopes their emotions. They sense loss and discomfort deep inside. They try to wrestle with it and it doesn’t subside. It wrenches their heart. There is a better way.

God is the great deliverer. He offers His hand and you are forgiven. He forgives you before you forgive yourself. Sometimes, it is hard to let go and let God into your life at the moment you need Him the most.

You must trust Him. He removes your pain and takes it upon Himself. That is why He is God. That is why He loves you and cares about your happiness.

He brings you to a place of goodness, a place where a very special person enters your life. You change because God brought her to you. You know it is true and you accept His gift. She is with you, in your heart from the moment you meet.

All of your sorrow is forgotten. She loves you. She holds you closer than you have ever been held. Her arms are warm and tender. Her heart beats and you feel her beat intertwined with yours. You breathe the same breath. You finish each other’s sentence. Love is real and you are wrapped in her embrace.

Healing Begins With A Promise

Healing your heart takes courage. You must love again and want to be loved. It is not enough to wish for forgiveness. Forgiveness is understood by God as the one place you come to your cross, the cross in you, where you lay your burden down before God. He will help you and remove the pain. He won’t let you do it alone. He holds your hand and guides you. He knows your pain will change to joy. 

PROMISE: Healing begins with a promise to share your love and His love with others.

HEALING: Healing is not a one time event. Healing works in you daily. Your fractured heart is mended and you learn to experience joy in your life.

God never said life was easy. To feel all of the wonders that God creates in this world, you will experience emotions. God unites you with a special person so that you can feel joy, sorrow, forgiveness, and love. Saying, “I’m sorry” is simply three words that show you truly care. All you need to do is repeat them and you will feel healing the moment that you utter the words out loud to the person you love.

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