Pain Is Never Forgotten Only Forgiven

Some say that pain is felt in the moment and not experienced again. Others say you can overcome the pain and it will not haunt your dreams. 

Pain stays with you for a lifetime. The only way to get rid of pain, is to forgive. God offers you His hand. He shows you the way through forgiveness. He is the answer, the only answer.

Why is this important? Pain torments you. It removes the person you are meant to be. It is an ache that digs in to the core of you and won’t let go. There is a better way.

When you let God take over, He will forgive your offenders. He knows the pain that you feel. He does not want you to hurt or suffer. He loves you and has designed you to be an amazing person. You are perfect in His eyes. God wants to heal you so you never suffer again.

You are His child. You are a child of God. You must remember that you were born holding His hand and He will never let go.


God is always with you. you no longer have to reach out to Him. He is already there. He feels what you feel. He understands. Let Him in. He will comfort you and take all the pain way. He will give you peace. He offers you sanctuary. Put your trust  in Him. God will never let you down or forsake you. He is God.

God will give you light in the darkness. He will brighten your days. He will forgive all those who had trespassed against you. He is the reason for your existence.

All suffering will end when you trust Him. Trust Him.

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