The Reason For Joy Is God's Way Of Saying Be Happy

Joy is seen in the eyes of a person who experiences happiness and love. You witness their true spirit and share in their delight. It is the look of God. It is a sign of grace. He expects us to feel His joy.

God instilled goodness in everyone. Nothing moves without Him. He is in every thought and every breath. He gives life.

Your joy is important to Him. He wants to watch you dance and hear you sing. It gives God great pleasure to see you smile.

He reminds you every day to be happy. That is why He made a beautiful cerulean sky, birds to float on the wind, flowers to bloom over night, and waves to wash the shore. He designed it all to be enjoyed.


If you have forgotten how to feel joy, God wants you to know that He is with you. He holds your hand. It will brings Him incredible happiness to know that you feel His love. God wants you to walk with Him, talk with Him, and share this magnificent world that He created just for you. He had you in mind when He made the world. That is how special you are to Him. You are of great value to Him and to everyone. He knows that you are kind, loving, and He appreciates you.

Make today your best day and experience the reason for joy.

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