Faith Is Trusting God


Faith brings people together with God to believe in the testimony of others. You trust God and He offers you a special connection with other believers.

Why is faith important in your life? This is where fellowship begins. Once you understand the true meaning of your faith, you will become a gift of testimony. You will be able to share your belief in God and change another person’s life. You will experience God in every relationship and know His presence. What is testimony? Testimony is the way God spoke to those who wrote the Testaments. Each disciple accepted and received God’s Word. They were transformed into apostles in order to witness God’s grace.

You Are On A Journey

woman on a journey

The way you begin your journey is determined by God. You might think that you journey without God, but that is far from the truth. He is with you every step of the way.

It all starts with God holding your hand. Do you feel His presence in your life? God wants you to know that He is with you and you are never alone. The path may be a short distance or it might be long and hard, with many challenges. There may be moments when you want to turn back. There may be days when you do not think you cannot go any further. God won’t let you down. You must trust Him. He is with you and won’t let you to go anywhere without Him.

Time With God


The way you spend your time each day is noticed by God. He urges and nudges you along and you must respond to Him. He wants you to recognize His voice and know that He is with you in every decision you make.

Do you listen to God’s voice or the voice of others who do not know the plan He has for your life? Do you go about your day ignoring God? He will guide you and show you how He wants you to respond in all of your actions. Don’t leave your life to chance circumstances or let the storms wash you away with their currents. Let God help you through each situation and He will provide you with the answers when you need to hear from Him.

Why Men Need To Hear From God

man holding bible

How long have you waited to hear your prayers answered? If you are like many men, then you feel a great connection between your prayer life and your actions. You know that sharing your deepest desires with God is important to you and your family. It isn’t enough to pray to an answerless God. You need to hear His voice. This is the reason I am writing this blog post. It is my gift to you.